About Allison’s Fine Jewelry


Allison, a local to the Morgantown area, has spent 22 years working in the jewelry industry. She began working as a part-time sales associate for Fox’s while attending college in Michigan and in a few short years began working in management for large jewelry corporations.

She returned home to West Virginia in 2003 and eventually moved into the independent jewelry store she calls Allison’s Fine Jewelry. After managing the store under its former name, Jane V Jewelers for almost 8 years, Allison purchased it in 2016.

In the time she has owned the store, it has been given a major facelift in order to reflect Allison’s unique style and taste. The store is warm and inviting and is the kind of place you can just stop in and chat (or pet one of the Schnauzer pups that might be visiting that day) while you browse the large inventory of hand-selected jewelry.

Allison lives in Morgantown with her husband and their 3 dogs, and most days you will find her at the store designing pieces or in the back changing watch batteries and completing customer repairs.


Laura is the other familiar face you will see at Allison’s Fine Jewelry. After many years managing a staffing agency in York, PA she too returned to West Virginia in order to slow down a little and enjoy life.

Prior to working at Allison’s, she worked in a jewelry store in Grafton, WV while attending high school. She has worked at the store for almost 6 years now and just happens to be Allison’s mother. Laura lives in Morgantown and when she isn’t greeting guests and helping them find the perfect piece, she likes to spend her free time walking with her dog Samson and spending time outdoors at her property on the Mon River.

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